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I Heart Helvetica

I Heart Helvetica

We’ve been thinking of designing a shirt for a while now, and after throwing around a lot of ideas, we decided to make one on Helvetica. This is the draft that I came up with. I’ve  tried to keep it simple but still showcase the beauty of this font. We are thinking of changing this around. Some suggestions are to drop the ‘I Heart’ and just keep ‘Helvetica’. Also we’re thinking of adding some history to make it more interesting.


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Will Kern For Food

I had talked about Collapse Design and their exciting work especially the wonderful badge designs. Borrowing some ideas from them, I have tried my hand at a poster design to showcase Helvetica Bold. This is a first draft and some more tweaks are required before it looks any good! Eventually, I hope to expand this into a series of posters, each showcasing a particular typeface. Comments and criticism are, as always, welcome!

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Don’t Panic: Second Draft

I have modified the Don’t Panic poster a bit. There was a problem with the colors in the first draft and I think I’ve got it fixed with this one. Stupid web-safe colors! Also have played around with the lighting a bit. The problem with the first draft was that the dot of the exclamation mark was hardly visibe. I’ve moved the light source to the bottom left to get a better cotrast for the dot. Somehow I have a nagging feeling though, that this lighting would come across as too harsh. Does it? Also had to move the type on top around a bit to get a better grid focus. The trouble with type in most cases is that they just don’t fit well. Here too the sass-hoopy comment spills on to the third line, making it look a bit odd. I hope that it can pass off for “Conscious Irregularity”! The font used is Gill Sans by the way, except for the apostrophe in “Don’t” which is Helvetica. The apostrophe of Gill Sans is positively hideous! But apart from that it’s a lovely font. Something uniquely British about it!

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Don’t Panic!

I’ve been working on a few posters for the upcoming Towel Day. Here’s the first draft of one of them. I’m still not satisfied with the whole lighting thing. Look back in later for the final versions!

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