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Open Video Conference: NYC

Mark Surman gives a quick roundup of the Open Video Conference that was held last week in New York. It’s exciting to see how much buzz they have been generating about Open Video. He also takes up the issue of what has been holding up the acceptance of Open Video. The prime factor would be the lack of simple tools to implement this technology. The lack of tools means that even enthusiasts of Open Video are unable to adopt it. Given that even the video feeds from OVC were in the Flash format it is pretty clear that there is a long way to go before Open Video technology can start making a real difference to the web. The support from Mozilla would definitely speed up the spread of this technology and hopefully this would be backed up by developments to make Open Video easier to implement.


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What’s New in Firefox 3.5?

Mike Beltzner gives a quick preview of what’s new and exciting in Firefox 3.5. I’m personally super excited about the Open Video support and blazing fast TraceMonkey engine. Open Video is definitely a big step forward in making videos on the web more democratized. To find out why Open Video is so important see this post by Christopher Blizzard and this one by Mike Shaver. Also, with CSS improvements and support for downloadble fonts this browser is definitely going to make the web a better place. The Release Candidate has been creating quite a buzz and if you are interested you can get it here.

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