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Ashwamedha Posters

I’ve been terrible lazy at updating this blog. It’s mostly been due to a whole lot of work for Ahvan. For the uninitiated Ahvan is the management fest of IIM Indore. You might know about it by its previous name Iris. This year it is going to be held from November 19th to 21st. Ashwamedha is an event that occurs as part of Ahvan. It’s been the flagship event of this fest with participation reaching 1500+ last year. As part of the team developing Ashwamedha, I’ve been taking care of developing the creative content. The first two posters for this year’s Ashwa are put up below. To know more about us, follow us on Twitter.

Poster 1

This one was the teaser poster. It was launched internally in the institute to generate a buzz about Ashwa. We’re planning to send this out to other B-Schools at a later date. This one was made up pretty much in one sitting with Nachiket & Srinath coming up with the excuses and me putting it in as fast as possible. There are a few not-so-subtle references to folks around the campus. The response for this poster in the college was fabulous and I am thinking of putting out a different variant of this same poster after a few weeks.

Poster 2

This one is more of a recruitment poster for the Junior team selection. The people talked about in this poster are members of the previous Ashwa team who passed out of the college. The ideation for the lines to put in this poster took a phenomenally long amount of time. Various suggestions were thrown around before we came up with this comments. Some of them are inside jokes of sorts so we are expecting a few blank stares!


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