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Firefox for Simple Folks

Firefox is a great browser. I mean really great. There is no question about that. I love everything that has happened with the Firefox development and I don’t think there is any browser today that can match up to it (Yes Opera lovers, that is true, and don’t even get me started on Safari!). In spite of all this Mozilla is a distant second in terms of browser share. Now we can discuss the rights and wrongs of Microsoft shipping IE bundled with Windows but the important question is whether Firefox is missing something.

Something I have noticed is that the users of Firefox tend to be slightly more tech aware. A lot of my friends and classmates, who have had similar opportunities as me to try out Firefox, remain faithful IE users because they think Firefox is too complicated. Can Mozilla do something to gain this market by simplifying Firefox a bit. Let me be clear though, I don’t mean dumb down Firefox. The development of Firefox must carry on as it is with a forward view. However is it possible for Firefox to be made more accessible for the users who just don’t like learning a lot of new stuff. I shall try and put across my ideas on some changes that could potentially help such users in future posts. I’ll just add that I’m not trying to be derogatory here. Just that some people are more oriented towards technology and some are not. Browser design should be done with all the potential users in view. If you are alienating a particular group because of the way the browser is designed then there is a problem.


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